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Exclusive interview with Jennifer Locklear

Hello Guys! So, today I have a exclusive interview with Jennifer Locklear, she is the author of the new novel "Constellation", I've made a review about it, and you can find more about this amazing girl and her book right here.

And a good news! "Constellation" is now available in Amazon BR (!!!SCREAMS OF A FANGIRL!!! YAY!), you can buy right now to your kindle here. If you can read in english my dear reader, you have to. Read. And. Meet. My babe Jack. I am talking to much right? Let's go for what matters
 here! Read right now my interview with Jenn:

My first question is, why did you start to write?

I first became interested in writing around the age of 11 and spent most of my teenage years working on various stories.  I stopped creative writing when I began my university studies and didn’t think about it again until 2010.
This new phase really began with my husband.  He’s always been a poet and songwriter, but when he developed a talent for writing fiction, I wanted to support him.  I edited his stories for him and helped promote his writings online. He found a following within the romance writing community and eventually he coaxed me into the spotlight as well. I wrote my first romantic short story as an experiment in 2011. It was well-received and I’ve been writing romance ever since.

"Constellation" is your first solo novel, what you expect from your readers and for the new readers?

Constellation is a very different story from my first novel, "Exposure".  My debut novel (co-written with my husband, Morgan) is a romantic comedy. It is melodramatic and quirky.  My new book is a dramatic story with complex characters and situations.
I wanted to publish a strong character study so I’m hoping all readers of "Constellation" will appreciate the various relationships within the story.  Although the central plot revolved around the love story between Kathleen and Jack, the novel is also about the intersections between old relationships and new ones.

Do you have some writers in mind that make you start to write? Do you have a special inspiration?

When I became interested in writing again, I discovered the novels of both E.L. James and Sylvain Reynard and was fascinated with their storytelling abilities.  At the time, both authors were just finding their audiences and I was lucky enough to become friends with both of them via social media.  Eventually, I became a founding moderator of Argyle Empire, an approved fan site for SR. In complete honesty, the experience of reading “Gabriel’s Inferno” changed the course of my life. Through the online community, I’ve met many readers, reviewers, artists and authors, and they all provide me with daily inspiration.

"Constellation" is based on a personal story?

There are scenes in "Constellation" that were inspired by moments in my own life, but it is
not my biography.  Generally speaking, there are things that happen in all our lives that would be fantastical if they appeared in any work of fiction. I have taken some of these incredible personal experiences and asked my characters to deal with these circumstances.

How long you wrote this book?

The original idea for "Constellation" came to me in October 2012.  That was when I wrote the opening chapter of the book, which takes place the morning after Kathleen and Jack have slept together for the first time.  The scene came to me and my imagination took hold of it.  I wrote it down to see if I wanted to keep going and decided that Jack’s actions in that chapter needed more exploration. The rest of the series began to form from there.
The bulk of the writing took me a year. I wrote bits and pieces for 2 years before I got serious about finishing the book. I needed time to figure out the story and to accept that I had a series to write, just not one book.

To you, what means write a story? Mostly a novel?

Personally, I love to read character studies so I tend to focus my energies on developing characters that are unique and fully-formed.  Ultimately a reader needs to connect with the character for any story to work well.  Once that connection with a character is made, the fun is in watching how these characters navigate through the situations they are presented with.

If you can describe your new book in a phrase, which would be?

At the beginning of the book, I share the definition of the word, Constellation:

A grouping of stars that make an imaginary picture in the sky.

I’m as interested in astronomy as I am in writing. I’ve indulged myself a bit with this series, and am relying on astronomical phrases to help describe human conditions. In this story, Kathleen is learning how everyone she knows influences her and vice versa.  She has always been a guarded and solitary individual, but her new relationship with Jack allows her to place her trust in others.  

I chose the title specifically because I think of all the characters as stars. Placed all together at one time and place in the universe, they tell us an important story.

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  1. Thank you for interviewing me about my writing and Constellation. I'm thrilled that you find Jack Evans as fascinating as I do! :)

  2. I just finished this story and really enjoyed it! I loved that it was a drown up romance without the drama llama padding. Looking forward to the continuation in book 2.


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